Complete turnkey solutions for quality control in MRM-MS proteomics

Quality control

Quality control is a critical step for ensuring accurate and reproducible protein quantitation.

The PeptiQuant™ Plus Quality Control kit line is a series of easy-to-use kits to assist in quality control of quantitative MRM-MS proteomics workflows or everyday quality assurance of your instrument. Whether you are running your first PeptiQuant™ Plus kit or you have been running your own MRM-MS proteomics assays for decades, our PeptiQuant™ Plus Quality Control products are there to help ensure that your proteomics workflow and instrumentation is up to standard for every sample you analyze.


We understand the importance of accurate and reproducible quantitation. Our easy-to-use PeptiQuant™ Plus Quality Control kits are specifically designed to test instrument performance for proteomics analyses, so they can help to identify issues such as loss of sensitivity that would be missed using common calibration standards.

Kits include a full suite of isotope-labeled standard peptides spanning a range of masses and chemistries so that you can see how your instrument or workflow is performing across a wide variety of analytes. These premixed standards come complete with all required SOPs, instrument files, and analysis tools to save you time. View the kits available for your instrument here.

Kits for every step of the LC-MRM-MS/MS experimental workflow

Rigorous quality control is more important than ever in proteomics. PeptiQuant™ Plus QC kits come in 2 different types to address all different aspects of quality control:

PeptiQuant™ Plus QC Instrument Performance Kits

Offers everyday quality assurance in the form of a ready-to-use standard mix that can be quickly re-suspended and injected for routine instrument performance monitoring. The Everyday Platform Performance kit makes it easy to recognize retention time drift, loss of sensitivity or changes in instrument performance.

PeptiQuant™ Workflow Performance Kits

Assesses the performance of your complete proteomics workflow, from sample preparation through to quantitation. Analyze a complete standard calibration curve and compare your generated protein concentrations to known reference values. The Workflow Performance Kit allows you to check the quality of your quantitation by helping you to standardize your implementation, measure operator/instrument performance, and trouble-shoot your execution of MRM-MS workflows.


Specifically designed for quantitative proteomics

Easy to use – a complete turnkey solution

Includes Skyline templates for automated data analysis

Available for a wide variety of LC-MS/MS instruments

The Workflow Performance kit contains high paired isotope-labeled peptide standard

Includes peptide mixtures spanning a range of masses and chemistries

2 kit types for routine quality assurance & MS instrument performance, as well as comprehensive workflow evaluation

Each kit includes

PeptiQuant™ Plus Quality Control kits include all internal standards, instrument files, Skyline templates and clear instructions.

Instrument Performance: Injection-ready SIS peptide standard mix – resuspend, dilute & shoot!

Workflow: Reference plasma sample, trypsin and BSA included

Workflow: Known values ensure optimal performance across the entire conc. range

Kit Manual with all required SOPs

USB with all required acquisition methods and worklists for selected instrument

Analysis instructions with Skyline templates for automated data analysis

How to use

How to order

PeptiQuant™ Plus kits can be ordered directly through our online shop as well as through our partner Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc.

Our complementary line of PeptiQuant™ Plus kits offer multiplexed quantitation of up to 125 proteins in a single multiplexed analysis.


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