Enhanced Precision Kits for Quantitative Metabolomics


Stable isotope-labeled internal standards for each amino acid compensate for potential side reactions/matrix effects to provide reliable quantitation.

The MetaboloMetrics™ Amino Acids kits include paired isotope-labeled and reference standards to quantify 22 common amino acids in human plasma and serum. Additionally, these easy-to-use kits contain a revolutionary chemical stabilizer and are specifically designed for quantitation using your own in-house LC-MS/MS instrumentation. Every aspect of the amino acids kit has been carefully thought out to provide absolute and precise quantitation for your research needs.


Paired heavy/light metabolite quantitation strategy

MetaboloMetrics™ Amino Acids Kit

Simultaneously quantify 22 amino acids from a single sample

Entirely validated workflow to ensure accurate quantitation

Available for a wide variety of triple quadrupole mass spectrometers

New groundbreaking chemical stabilizer: maintain stability of oxidation susceptible amino acids during chemical derivatization & post reaction

Rigorously tested assays with established standards for sensitivity, linearity, reproducibility, reliability and stability

Carefully optimized chemical derivatization – UPLC-MRM/MS protocols to achieve unbiased quantitation

Exceptional for the analysis of large-cohort samples

A complete turnkey solution for quantitative metabolomics

Each kit includes

Heavy amino acid standard mix

Light amino acid standard mix

Includes stabilization reagent, derivatization reagent, buffers and catalysts

Kit Manual with all required SOPs, along with a step-by-step instructional video

All required acquisition methods and retention times

Optimized instrument parameters

How to order

MetaboloMetrics™ kits can be ordered directly through our online shop.

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