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MRM Proteomics Inc. is constantly on the leading edge of proteomics technology.

MRM Proteomics Inc. is constantly on the leading edge of proteomics technology. Our fundamental mission is to offer clients the most advanced proteomics technologies in the form of high quality products and services. We offer a wide variety of unique services, easy-to-use kits for do-it-yourself multiplexed protein quantitation, bile acid quantitation and quality control, and are actively involved in developing clinical diagnostics. MRM Proteomics Inc.’s unique technological advantages span several areas including:
Multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (MRM-MS) methods with a full suite of peptide standards for every targeted protein, ensuring precise quantitation even at low concentrations
High-accuracy highly-multiplexed quantitation of hundreds of proteins in a single analysis using low sample volume sample (20-60 µL)
First-to-market proteomics kits for MRM-MS protein quantitation in mouse plasma samples
Development of iMALDI-MS assays for robust, high-throughput clinical proteomics applications
High resolution structural characterization of proteins and biosimilar drugs, with the record for largest protein characterized by top-down HDX
MALDI-MS Imaging of most lipids to date using innovative matrices and techniques (patent pending) for spatially resolved mapping of relative abundance
MRM Proteomics Inc. offers technologies to fit with your project, every step of the way.
Our portfolio includes a wide variety of services and products that are tailored to fit with each stage of biomarker development, validation, and translation.
Highlights & Achievements
  • MRM-MS assays of the highest quality
  • >400 protein targets to choose from
  • PeptiQuantTM Kits for a variety of instruments & sample types
  • Patented iMALDI technology
  • Innovative HDX-MS methods for protein characterization
  • Tissue Imaging of Lipids, Small molecules, and Peptides
  • Capabilities for custom analysis

It is our mission to offer the highest quality of proteomics technologies on the market today.

Our services fit with a wide variety of applications, but we know that research projects are not one-size-fits-all. MRM Proteomics Inc. frequently capitalizes on its in-house expertise and technologies to offer custom solutions for clients’ research applications. Whether it’s a specific protein target, a unique sample type, or workflow constraints, we are here to help.


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