Bringing proteomics to the clinic


MRM Proteomics Inc. recognizes the promise of proteomics for clinical applications.

This vision has led us to partner on projects with PROOF Centre of Excellence and the Jain Foundation for developing proteomics-based biomarkers. The development of laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) will provide health-care providers with critical information to guide risk management, diagnosis and treatment plans.

The value of biomarkers to the drug development pipeline is also well-established. Effective use of biomarkers in clinical trials can greatly expedite the process of bringing a drug to market. We are currently involved in a project with academic partners and AstraZeneca to develop and implement an iMALDI assay for patient stratification in clinical trials.

See Press Releases for the details on these projects and others.

immunoMALDI (iMALDI)

MRM Proteomics Inc. holds a license for patented iMALDI technology that enables rapid, robust, highly automated protein quantitation in complex samples. The iMALDI approach involves spiking protein digest from a biological sample with a stable isotope-labeled standard peptide matching the target, after which the endogenous peptides and standard peptides are co-captured on antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads

The peptides eluted from the antibodies are then analyzed with MALDI-MS. The use of mass spectrometry (MS) with internal standards ensures high precision, reproducible quantitation. Furthermore, detection with MS provides added protection against interferences, since the assay does not depend exclusively on the antibody for specificity. This method is compatible with the Bruker Biotyper instrument, which has already been granted FDA approval
for applications in microbiology.


Robust & easy to use

Uses SIS peptides for reproducible, high precision quantitation

Does not depend on antibodies for specificity

Capable of isoform discrimination

High-throughput & compatible with automation

Compatible with equipment already installed in clinical labs


MRM Proteomics Inc is already playing a key role in the development and validation of technologies for clinical proteomics.

Project examples are shown below.


Jun 30 2015

By Popp R, Malmström D, Chambers AG, Lin D, Camenzind AG, van der Gugten JG, Holmes DT, Pugia M, Jaremek M, Cornett S, Suckau D.

An automated assay for the clinical measurement of plasma renin activity by immuno-MALDI (iMALDI). Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA).

Dec 2013

By Camenzind AG, van der Gugten JG, Popp R, Holmes DT, Borchers CH.

Development and evaluation of an immuno-MALDI (iMALDI) assay for angiotensin I and the diagnosis of secondary hypertension.

Feb 2012

By Mason DR, Reid JD, Camenzind AG, Holmes DT, Borchers CH.

Duplexed iMALDI for the detection of angiotensin I and angiotensin II.

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