MRM and PRM Targeted Quantitation Workshop

Our fourth MRM and PRM targeted quantitation workshop, which was held in Tübingen, Germany from November 5th to 8th, was a HUGE SUCCESS. Our team would like to thank all of the participants and our sponsors, ThermoFisher and Sciex. If you are interested in partaking in any future workshops held in Europe, contact us now!

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 MRM Proteomics Russia, LLC Winner of Russian Chapter at IBIEC GLOBAL 2019

Out of nearly 200 project teams, MRM Proteomics Russia, LLC is one of the 5 winners of the Russian Chapter at IBIEC Global 2019.   MRM Proteomics R’s technology will be compacted in kits and will allow the analysis of 1000 proteins from a single sample. It’s implication in clinical practice will greatly improve precision medicine.   The finalist from the Russian Chapter will join other finalists in China the month of December, in the effort to join the China market.

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Advancing Proteomics Technology

MRM Proteomics Inc. is at the leading edge of proteomics technology. We offer a wide variety of proteomics services for protein quantitation, structural characterization, tissue imaging and a line of easy-to-use proteomics kits.


MRM Proteomics Inc. offers a wide range of services to fit a wide variety of projects…


Our complementary line of quality control products will help to ensure that your …


The development of laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) will provide health-care…