Agilent 6495 QQQ-MS

MetaboloMetrics™ Amino Acids Precision Biomarker Kit

  • Quantify 22 amino acids from a single sample using our rigorous MRM-MS quantitation strategy: including 22 internal and reference standards for each analyte
  • Stable isotope-labeled internal standards compensate for any potential side reactions or matrix effects, providing reliable quantitation
  • Revolutionary chemical stabilizer maintains stability of oxidation susceptible amino acids during and post reaction
  • Fully optimized assays offering robust and precise measurements on each validated LC-MS platform
  • An easy-to-use turnkey solution!

Price:  $1000.00 USD

* Discounts are automatically applied depending on the number of kits ordered. Purchase 2-3 kits to save 5% or 4-6 kits to save 10%. Interested in buying 7 or more kits, or looking for more samples? We invite you to request a quote.

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