Panel 2 – Agilent 6490 QQQ-MS

Quantitative Proteomics with Validated Assays

  • Multiplexed assays to precisely quantify up to 375 proteins from mouse plasma!
  • The 375 proteins are divided into 3 Panels of 125 Proteins each.
    Please contact us for more info.
  • High performance interference-free assays with CPTAC Tier II characterization, including linear range, stability, and reproducibility
  • Rigorous MRM-MS strategy with labeled peptide standards for every protein quantified
  • Paired peptides (labeled and unlabeled standards) ensure robust and precise measurements.
  • Each panel of 125 proteins is compatible with sample volumes as low as 10 µL of plasma
  • Fully-optimized turnkey solution, validated on a variety of LC-MS platforms

* Discounts are automatically applied depending on the number of kits ordered. Purchase 2-3 kits to save 5% or 4-6 kits to save 10%. Interested in buying 7 or more kits, or looking for more samples? We invite you to request a quote.

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